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Nov 7, 2012 7:00pm EST
's that sure sounds nice. the election's all done. now the question, can democrats and republicans find a way to work together to move the country forward and solve some very serious problems? it is back to business for president obama after a hard fought election and the president says he is willing to compromise. >> in the weeks ahead i also look forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. >> the most pressing issue on the table might be the so- called fiscal cliff. if congress doesn't do something, americans face a rollback of tabb cuts as well as big slashes to defense and social programs and although it has no impact on the outcome of the election, cbs news has not called the election in florida. two counties it seems are still counting their votes for president. overseas prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he'll continue to work with president obama to continue to protect israelis and china's leaders say they're optimistic that a second obama term will give boat countries time to improve their -- both countries t
Nov 8, 2012 7:00pm EST
of the presidential election, florida is still undecided, although there are some reports that say barack obama has been declared the winner. the sunshine state's 29 electoral votes are, of course, irrelevant to the outcome are but some critics point out that this year's problems underscore ongoing issues with florida's voting process and a recount is not out of the question. >>> 11 people mostly young women kidnapped, robbed and raped. tonight those accused attackers are behind bars. >> reporter: i'm scott broom at coffen state university in baltimore and neighbors say a pair of predators were stalking, raping and robbing victims including students off campus. they targeted the west baltimore neighborhood near koppen state university often targeting women at bus stops, forking them at gunpoint into a -- force them at gunpoint into a golded for explorer, then taking them -- gold ford explorer, then taking them away to be robbed and raped and dumping them off in parking lots. today police announced the arrests. >> the things they did and the way they treated these young ladies is an outrage. >> the
Nov 9, 2012 7:00pm EST
politics specifically fallout from election day. earlier in the week maryland congress member elect says he hopes lawmakers will defer action on the so-called fiscal live and let the new guys coming in handle it. john from lorton, virginia, agrees. as much as i despise putting thing off it does make sense to allow the recently elected congress to tackle this problem. er that the most recent directives from the -- they carry the most recent directives from the american voters. the only downside is what this will do if the stock market falls, but if the congress is careful in how the can gets kicked down the road, we might be able to eat our cake and keep it, too. it might and we might work out even better if the president steps up with a coherent long term plan that actually does the job. then there was this from phil who says he is a voting operations judge in montgomery county. if you remember earlier in the week, some argued part of the reason for the long voter lines, those electronic touchscreen machines. some say we ought too go back to paper. phil is not one of those people. voting a
Nov 15, 2012 7:00pm EST
election because president barack obama was out there offering gifts in the things like the dream act for latino voters and free contraception for young women. but robin from warrenton, virginia says that romney needs to get over himself. this is ridiculous already. when is he going to accept the fact that he lost for the race for president and now he insists why he lost the election? what a cry baby. even some republicans have been criminal cal for romney -- critical for romney. the bowie state student who stabbed her roommate. let's get right out to the live report at the courthouse with that verdict. andrea? >> reporter: well derek, as i have been telling you, ken molestina is messaging me with the very latest. if this is the case, it is a total shocker. not guilty on all seven counts is the verdict i'm getting from ken in the courtroom. this would be the case of alexis simpson, accused of stabbing her bowie state university roommate dominique frasier to death just weeks after the school year started. it looked like not guilty on all seven counts. be sure to tune in to 9news at 11:
Nov 12, 2012 7:00pm EST
from him and what about her family and life? then there was this on last week's election result, harold from germantown saying president obama has no mandate. winning by 2% is hardly a mandate. perhaps mr. obama also has a different begin of compromise in. listening to his speech, he was more -- definition of compromise in. listening to his speech, he was more demanding of the republicans. this will get us nowhere as both sides will dig in and come january, 2013 i'll be given the pink slip as the fiscal cliff will impact the department of defense. harold, i'm hoping it doesn't come to that. keep in mind there is a difference between actual negotiations and the public trash talk that both sides are doing now. i'm going to believe they all know what's at stake and will find a way to work it out. work out a way to send me some more e-mail. the address is on behalf of the uso we would like to thank all of you for donating to our turkeys for troops holiday food baskets program. we've raised $98,860 including $15,000 checks that just came in from both northrop grumman and d
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5